6 pot big brake kit Audi S4 S6 C4 HP2


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Kit contains:

2 x Brembo Z18 6 pot calipers refurbished in the color of your choice

1 x Brembo Pads

1 x Padholder Set

2 x Brembo discs 350mmx32mm drilled

2 x Brakelines HEL

1 x Epytec Adapter Set



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Upgrading your Audi’s HP2 brakes to Brembo Z18 brakes can be a significant improvement in stopping power and overall braking performance.

The Brembo Z18 brake system likely offers larger calipers, larger rotors, and possibly different brake pad materials compared to the stock Audi HP2 setup. These enhancements can lead to better heat dissipation, reduced brake fade, and improved braking efficiency, especially during aggressive driving or under heavy braking conditions.


Fit following cars, originally with HP2 mounted:

  • Audi S4 C4
  • Audi S6 C4
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