Audi A4 S4 B5 rear big brake kit dual caliper R8 Style 330mm quattro caliperless

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2 x 4 pots refurbished brembo calipers in chosen color

2 x 330mmx22mm brake discs Rotinger drilled

2 x Brakelines HEL

1 x Pad set TRW for  4 pot calipers

1 x Padholder set for 4 pot calipers

2 x Adapter Epytec


For the handbrake you will need to use the RS4 B5 cable

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Installing a dual caliper big brake kit on an Audi S4 B5 is a popular modification among enthusiasts looking to improve braking performance for track use or to enhance the overall braking capabilities of their vehicle.

This kit comes without the S5 B5 calipers, kit includes other components necessary for the brake upgrade, such as larger rotors, performance brake pads, brake lines, and mounting hardware. By reusing the original calipers from your S4 B5, you can potentially save on costs and installation time, as you won’t need to purchase or install new calipers.

If you need further clarification or assistance with brake upgrades for your S4 B5, feel free to ask!

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